English Project 3a/3b: Fables

First, we created a mind map about feelings and emotions. Next, we enjoyed two Power Point Presentations: The Fox and the Crow and the Lion and the Mouse. We also watched videos and we talked about the moral of the stories. Then we read texts and filled in the missing words.

Everyone made a crossword puzzle with some of the words we had found in the text. Thereupon we wrote a dialogue and a comic strip on our own. Some of us even produced and presented a Fable Rap.

Finally we tried to answer Mrs Hörtenhuber‘s questions about living in harmony with our classmates and acted out several scenes of the fables. Mr. Weinberger helped us to put on our costumes and Mrs. Hörtenhuber took the photos. This project was hard work but also great fun!


 Alex and Adrian (3a)