Vienna´s English theatre: The Fame Game


The sixteen-year-old Davy dreams about becoming a famous singer. Therefore he joins a talent show called “Starmaker” and persuades his girlfriend Chloe to support him.
The media people encourage them to come up with a more interesting backg
round story telling lies about their real lives.
After some time the jury wants Chloe to sing without her boyfriend and from that moment “Starmaker” changes her life completely.

Sebastian (4a): It was an interesting story about real life.
Mohammad (4b): The play shows that most of the media people are corrupt.
Sinem, Aminat (4a):
The actors were good looking.
Doris, Sandra, Anna (4a+4b): The actors were great and talented and the singers had beautiful voices.
Anna, Alexandra, Marlene (4b): We think their English was easy to understand.
Emely (4b): They also motivated the kids to sing with them.
Markus, Helene (4b): The show was brilliant.